Parmarbrook are proud to announce that this week Ted’s Grooming room unveils its flagship barber shop in Fitzrovia.

Situated over two floors, Ted’s Grooming Room Mortimer Street takes care of the modern gent, for every occasion.

Each Grooming room has its own personality, lovingly fitted with unique features reflecting its distinct location.

In keeping with this, Ted’s Mortimer Street is proud to be a part of the neighbourhood’s incredible medical history. The street itself has long been associated with the medical profession. Inside vintage medical paraphernalia including stethoscopes, empty medicine bottles and even loose teeth line the shelves, with x-rays and anatomical sketches covering the walls.

Ted’s master barbers offer everything from a quick beard trim to a full Ted Service, sending customers on their way into the world of feeling refreshed.

Parmarbrook have also previously worked on Ted’s Berwick Street and Great Queen Street.

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