Parmarbrook worked closely with the client and design team during the planning stages on the proposed scheme. The Greenfield development site is located in a high risk flood area due to overland flows from the north entering the site during heavy storm events.

Parmarbrook undertook a detailed and in-depth Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for the site in order to identify and quantify the flood risk from all sources, but especially from surface water. We then proposed and developed a number of flood management and mitigation measures for the site which would ensure a safe and sustainable development for end-users and reduce the flood risk off-site. This included temporary storage being provided in landscaped open areas which intercepted and stored overland flows at the site boundaries during flood events.

Through close negotiations and discussions with the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) the proposals were accepted and addressed all the relevant flood risk issues.

A Drainage Strategy was developed in tandem with the FRA to manage and control surface water run-off on site. Although infiltration was not feasible on site, a surface water detention pond was designed within open landscaped areas to control, treat and attenuate surface water flows. These were then discharged to a local watercourse running adjacent to the site. Other SUDS techniques such as permeable paving and swales were also designed to act as treatment and conveyance systems for surface water flows. This ensured a robust and integrated approach was applied to the site’s drainage networks.

Client: Persimmon Homes
Location: Maldon, Essex
Value: £10m