Walmer Yard forms a discreet and private set of four interlocking houses totalling over 9,000 square feet set around an open courtyard in W11. This magnificent new building designed and crafted by Peter Salter and developed by Crispin Kelly is the product of a decade of learning, thought and inspiration and will appeal to the most discerning of buyers and collectors. From the play of light, shadow and colour, the intense celebration of materials, and the constantly fresh sequences of spaces, these houses celebrate what architecture can ultimately deliver for the homeowner.

Peter Salter is an architect and teacher whose work has influenced several generations of students. The culmination of ten years of planning, Walmer Yard is his first residential project in the UK and one of only a small number of buildings he has completed worldwide. Although modest in scale, the project is extraordinary in many ways.

Knitted around a shared courtyard, each home has a unique geometry and is finely designed as a sequence of experiences. From the underground car park to the free-form roof top salon – these
experiences flow from the manipulation of volume and light and are enhanced by the careful and considered use of exposed structural materials: concrete, hardwood, black steel.

The yard proudly exhibits structural concrete which forms an integral part of the design. The surface of the concrete frame and cladding are also exposed with a pallet of treatments. The yurts, known as ‘sky catchers’ are finished with weathered copper roof tiles that pick up the asymmetrical forms of the structure. These structures aim to recreate the tradition of roof top dining rooms in sixteenth century country houses.

Parmarbrook were the lead structural engineer on the project through to completion.

Walmer Yard completed in October 2016

Client: Crispin Kelly, Seb Kelly (Baylight Properties)
Principal designer: Peter Salter
Collaborators: Mole Architects
Main contractor: Shaw Building Group
Location: Holland Park, London