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The BIM process is not only adopted when requested but it is the foundation to Parmarbrook’s modelling process. From the early stages of feasibility and scheme design the BIM process is put into place on every project. Parmarbrook believe that in doing this a clearer understanding of the requirements of the project is captured early on and therefore potential issues can be picked up sooner and more efficiently.

Our design process is refined through this process as it provides a clearer and more realistic aspect of what we are designing within specified parameters.

People understand the 3D environment better than the 2D so it makes sense to design and model in 3D as to provide more easily interpreted information.

Parmarbrook’s approach to BIM Level 2 is based on ‘in-house’ systems. Project wide BIM execution plans and BIM standards both combined with our own company Revit Standards allows us to produce final packages of 2D & 3D information circulated to the different disciplines that require it.

The principal idea of BIM is a collaborative approach to the exchange of information between disciplines. Our model based design allows Parmarbrook to combine both analytical and 3D visual design to create a package of information at each stage of the design programme. The idea of BIM is to encompass all parts of the design from architecture and structures through to building services and construction and finally on to long term maintenance.

It is the understanding of this process that allows Parmarbrook to deliver the correct and relevant information within the BIM environment to our clients

MG House Sub-Structure (Render)

MG House Sub-Structure (Render)

Benefits of using BIM include;

  • Improved co-ordination amongst the design team
  • Reduction of design risk
  • Reduction of risk and potential delays during the construction stage
  • Reduction in Contractors queries and RFI’s
  • Improved information at all stages of the project
  • Reduction in programme and installation times
  • Improved As Built information at handover
  • Improved integration of Fit-Out information
  • Improved asset information for the building operators and facilities managers

Project wide BIM Execution Plan

Project wide BIM Standards

Company Revit Standards

Create 3D visual model

Create design model in analysis software

Use parametric families

Export to appropriate files for data exchange

Upload on Online Document Sharing Platform

25-28 Buckingham Gate Cut Section with boreholes (Render)