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Parmarbrook is a young but highly experienced structural design studio, that has a passion for design, engineering, and the realisation of beautiful architecture. We strive for technical excellence, achieving this with a holistic team and the continual development of our talented engineers, who have the experience to work with the design team to minimise complexity, detail solutions, and deliver on programme.


As engineers and designers, we add real value when we are able to collaborate with our architect colleagues, developing elegant and innovative design solutions, and providing the greatest benefit to the project and our client. Through this collaborative and holistic design approach, we develop and deliver efficient schemes that achieve client and architectural objectives

Our approach, extensive experience and track record of successful projects with high profile developers puts us in a position that we believe makes us different from the rest; we are uniquely placed to contribute strongly to the project, from conception through to delivery, being proactive rather than reactive, searching out and exploiting project opportunities. Through delivering many projects in this way we are able to occupy a unique perspective.



We understand that to deliver a project on time and within budget, close collaboration with both design and construction teams is essential. Working closely with the entire project team, throughout the design and construction phases, we continually verify design solutions to ensure cost certainty and buildability. With a deep understanding of design and risks, we are able to produce efficient and economic structural solutions for our clients.